Channel partners play a crucial role in increasing a business’s market reach and its bottom line. Channel incentives aid in boosting a business’s relationship with their channel partners, by keeping them continuously engaged and updated on business activities and how their actions are impacting overall business.

This transparency helps keep channel partners invested in the business and they strive to grow alongside the business. This makes rewards and recognition all the more important in corporate culture, in which good work earns more rewards and visibility.

An engaging channel incentive program can help onboard your channel partner with a single click and also provide them with the required training on your products and services, as well as, information on how the incentives work. It can help your channel partners stay motivated to sell better, consistently, and ensure long-term loyalty.

Market-leading platform provides a total performance tracking, reward redemption and communications hub that’s ideal for engaging your audience.

Employees gradually learn what is considered reward and recognition-worthy performance at their workplace and strive to live up to the mark. They are motivated to work more efficiently, clock more productive hours, and at the end of the day feel satisfied with their job, knowing whatever they are doing is being acknowledged and rewarded.

Having a channel incentive program in place can help you achieve:

  • More growth
  • Increased market reach
  • Easy way of tracking performance
  • More brand ambassadors and brand advocates
  • An easy way to impart brand and product knowledge

The MyAccoladez® Channel Incentive Dashboard is easy to implement and has the ability to be customized to a tee.

The dashboard provides you a bird’s eye view of multiple critical metrics such as performance tracking, Accoladez currency (reward points) accumulated and redeemed and it also offers a “Let’s talk” communication center that allows your channel partners to engage with your business.

Each user is provided with a username and a password that lets them log into the dashboard securely and stay updated on their performance and the reward points they have accumulated.

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